• The Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool in Reykjavik is the most popular swimming pool in Iceland

Iceland‘s wonderful water

Administrator 23 Apr 2014

You‘ve probably heard about the superabundance of geothermal water in Iceland.

Iceland has an abundance of geothermal waterWe use it to heat our homes and we harness the steam to make electricity, ohh… and we take looong showers with impunity just because it feels sooo good. We even lavish great quantities of it to heat our side walks during the winter. But that's not all.

The main attraction of the Icelandic swimming pools are the hot tubsIcelanders often gather at swimming pools and while they may swim a few laps the real attraction are the hot tubs where they love to talk, listen to the others or just relax and let their minds wander. These places really ought to be called spas because they have everything a spa could offer; steam baths, Jacuzzi, showers, an exercise area and many even have massage therapists although those have to be booked in advance.
The Icelandic swimming pools are very family friendly, a perfect place for relaxing and playingThere is no better way to get rid of jet lag or relax after a good hike around town than a soak in the hot tub. And it doesn't matter if it's the darkest of winter or the most perfect summer day. Actually the winter is a perfect time for going; you are warm the whole time, except, of course when you leave the water. The darkness makes for a very cozy atmosphere and when it snows you can enjoy watching the flakes float down and vanish in the warm water. Ask anybody who's tried it; the thermal pools in Iceland really give you a lot. Some would even say that they make you a better person! Come to Iceland for a good soak. You'll find cheap flights to Iceland with WOW air and these so called pools really are the cheapest spas you'll ever visit.

Relaxing in the Reykjavik Swimming pools, it's like a spaIf you're traveling with children the Icelandic pools are an ideal place. Most pools have awesome waterslides and toys for children of all ages but don't forget to equip them with arm floats.
The most popular pools (spas) in Reykjavík are Laugardalslaug and Vesturbæjarlaug. Highly recommended in southern Iceland are Laugarvatn Fontana and the Hveragerdi swimming pools and in the north there's the Þelamörk and Akureyri pools.

Photos: Courtesy of ITR