WOW air offers the cheapest flights to Iceland

Administrator 8 Jan 2014

Looking for cheap flights to Iceland? WOW air offers the cheapest flights to and from Iceland according to Dohop.

Dohop, an independent online travel portal, did a broad study on flights to and from Iceland and concluded that WOW air always offers the lowest airfares. This is consistent with other studies and again demonstrates WOW air's commitment to always offer the lowest airfares on direct flights from Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport to our five main travel destinations. As the only low cost airline in Iceland we are proud to be able to offer our guests cheap flights to and from Iceland.

WOW air flew past Icelandair and easyJet for the cheapest flight prices to Copenhagen, London and Paris - including luggage. WOW air’s Owner and CEO Skúli Mogensen explains: “Clearly our customers appreciate our low prices and great service as year over growth was over 400% between 2012 and 2013. Our mission is to always offer the cheapest flights and to be the most punctual airline in Iceland. I am thrilled that we achieved both these goals in 2013.”

So there you have it! Not only can you travel to and from Iceland on a budget but you’ll be on time, and so will your luggage if you decide to take it with you. Hop on board and take a look at our cheap flights right now.