WOW air news: police stops a one man's rímur party

Administrator 14 Nov 2013

Rímur is an old Icelandic type of epic vocal poem, with fixed diatonic melodies. It has remained unchanged for five whole centuries and seems to be very much alive still today, as a recent article on confirms.

“We are not often called out because of rímur singing” reports the Reykjavik police on its Facebook page.
That was the case though last weekend when two policemen were sent to an apartment building in Reykjavik. They thought they were dealing with a classical case of excessive noise, but it was not quite so.

“When the policemen arrived they entered an apartment in the building, it was unavoidable to hear that the noise came from there. The policemen were very surprised when they realised that this was no ordinary party. - It was actually no party at all, just one man singing rímur.” the police statement reports.

The police also said that the neighbours complaint was fully understandable; “This happened during the middle of the night and the man was passionately singing rímur. He was politely asked to lower his voice and to close the windows, just in case. After that the police left and no further complaints were made.”

Below is an amazing example of modern rímur, where Sigur Rós has added its music to some traditional rímur. Enjoy!

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