Board of Directors

Takin' care of business

Liv Bergþórsdóttir, Chairman of the Board

Liv has worked in telecommunications since 1998. Liv has participated in the foundation and development of the following companies and trademarks in Iceland: Tal, Vodafone, Sko and Nova. Liv has been the Managing Director at Nova since 2006, during which time the company has achieved very good results in the Icelandic mobile communications market. Liv was voted Marketer of the Year 2012.

Skúli Mogensen, Chief Executive Officer

Skúli has 20 years' experience in the high-tech, mobile communications and commercial sectors, as an entrepreneur, a CEO and an investor. He was among the founders of Íslandssími, Arctic Ventures and OZ Communications - where he was CEO, and later Chairman of the Board; until the company was sold to Nokia in 2008. Skúli is a progressive investor and sits on the boards of many tech companies, both in North America and Europe. He is a board member at, among others: Securitas, MP Bank, Datamarket and Redline Communication. Skúli was voted Iceland's Businessman of the Year in 2011.

Davíð Másson

Davíð worked both in the flight operations and sales & marketing departments at Air Atlanta Icelandic for 13 years  and held management positions with the company in Iceland and abroad. In 2006 he became CEO of Avion Aircraft Trading and today he is a partner in Avion Capital Partners in Switzerland; a company specialising in consulting and the lease of aircraft to the aviation industry. Davíð is a graduate marketing co-ordinator from Florida Institute of Technology.

Helga Hlín Hákonardóttir

Helga Hlín Hákonardóttir is a District Court Lawyer with over 19 years of experience working for Icelandic and international financial companies. She founded the law firm Lixia in 2011, servicing companies in the international finance and travel industry. Helga Hlín is part owner of Strategía, a consulting company that provides company and investor advisory services. She co-owns CrossFit Akureyri and is a corporate board member of companies and organizations such as Festi, Kaupás, Summa Management Company and Greiðsluveitan. Helga Hlín graduated as a District Court Lawyer from The University of Iceland and has completed exams for the designation of Certified Securities Broker in Iceland.

Ben Baldanza

Formerly the CEO of Spirit Airlines, Mr Baldanza brings with him a wealth of experience in the airline industry with particular expertise in the realm of 'ultra-low cost' carriers. Having begun his aviation career with American Airlines, Mr Baldanza later worked for Northwest, Continental, Taca and US Airways before joining Spirit in 2005. During his tenure as CEO and President of Spirit Airlines, the NASDAQ-listed airline successfully made its transition to the ultra-low cost model and developed a reputation for bold and edgy marketing campaigns.